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My view on Asisat Oshoala’s shirtless celebration, by John Ogi



Emotions are generally high in sports, and athletes can react spontaneously to their own accomplishments or the intensity of the game.

One prominent example was when Oshoala, a Nigerian female player, removed her shirt after scoring against Australia. It’s critical to recognize that her acts were not premeditated or planned, but rather the outcome of uncontrollable emotions in the heat of the moment.

It is critical to clarify that Oshoala’s acts were not intended to be disparaging or degrading to women. Certain events or milestones in sports might serve as triggers for significant emotional responses.

Scoring a goal, especially in a vital match, is generally accompanied by a flood of joy, adrenaline, and triumph. These feelings can elicit spontaneous reactions fueled by the rush of the moment and athletes’ natural passion for their activity.

This occurrence must be approached with an open mind and cultural respect. Different cultures and athletic environments may have different meanings and societal norms for such emotional outbursts.

While some activities may be regarded as undesirable or even prohibited in some instances, it is critical to evaluate these actions in light of the unique circumstances and cultural attitudes.

The intense feelings that frequently accompany sporting success served as the inspiration for Oshoala’s quick and instinctive response to scoring against Australia. Therefore, it is critical to note that this behavior was not premeditated or planned and therefore should not be construed as disrespectful to women.

As an educator, I believe in fostering understanding and respect for diverse perspectives, especially in the realm of sports where emotions can be powerful triggers for various reactions.

Bishop Ogi Otor John
Lecturer, Benue State University, Makurdi.

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